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» Easier to use than ever
» 450°C (840°F), cooks a pizza in just 2 minutes
» Folding legs for easy storage and transport
» And much much more, read on

All new stainless steel design

Now Uuni looks as good as it is. Stainless steel is a super-durable material that can take any weather, anywhere. 


Uuni is for all types of food, not just pizza

Uuni 2 offers unlimited possibilities in outdoor cooking. From meats to breads, fish to desserts- Uuni can do it. Of course, there's nothing like a pizza cooked in an Uuni. Our exceptional little oven offers a gorgeous wood-fired taste and a base with just the right balance of chewiness and crispiness. Delicious.


Every detail, re-imagined

All the parts of Uuni still pack inside the same small space, yes, even the chimney. We now have folding legs making storage and transport even easier. There's no limits where you can take your Uuni.


Solid baking board

Made of 4mm thick solid aluminium, this baking board conducts heat better than stone or even steel making sure you get consistently crispy bases on your pizza. It is removable, easy to clean (it's dishwasher safe) and can be used with a regular oven, too.
Uuni 2 ships with everything you need to get started including a pizza peel and wood pellets.



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