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About Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are a compact and convenient energy source. They're also easy to come by when you know what to look for. 

So what am I looking for? 

You often hear the phrase 'food-safe wood pellet' used when people are looking for pellets to be used with their pellet barbecues. This, however, can be a little misleading as there isn't a pellet standard that defines what's food-safe and what's not. Pellet barbecues often require pellets made solely out of deciduous trees. This is because they also utilise the smoke as well as the heat from the pellet. Using these pellets isn't necessary with Uuni, though there's nothing wrong with them. 

With Uuni, you can use pellets that are meant for heating so as long as they're of good quality. In Europe this is easy; there's a pellet standard called ENPlus A1 that defines the source wood quality, manufacturing methods and moisture levels. Those pellets are great as they have low relative moisture content, they only ever use virgin stem tree (i.e. no construction waste), there's no bark and they only use natural lubricants in the dye which extrudes the pellet. If you buy and use those, you're on to a winner. Those are what the Uuni Team uses.

More companies get added to this all the time. If you've bought from a company that you'd like to recommend, please let us know. 


Breadtopia (they also sell Uuni's)


Liverpool Wood Pellets

These guys sell heating and BBQing pellets. We've used both and when we start stocking pellets, we'll go with the ENPlus A1 standard heating pellet as it's got a more neural flavour than barbecue and hardwood pellets. 

American BBQ


Louisiana Grills


Green Forrest


Aussie BBQ Smoke