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Uuni 2S wood-fired oven with stone baking board

Uuni by Tapaninaho


What’s new in Uuni 2S?

  • Stone baking board - increased thermal mass and even better bake for pizza base
  • Flame keeper - our patent-pending feature makes the Uuni 2S run hotter with less fuel
  • And many more refinements such as better feet, improved burner, chimney cap etc.

Extreme 900°F heat

Uuni 2S gets up to 932°F which enables you to cook things really fast. You can make a stone-baked, wood-fired pizza in just 60 seconds! It’s also not just for pizza; you can cook flatbreads, fish, vegetables, steaks or really anything that enjoys short cooking times.


Uuni is powered by wood pellets which are very energy-dense and inexpensive; they’re like regular wood except compressed. No additives, no hidden extras, just wood. The pellets ignite easily & Uuni 2S takes just 10 minutes to heat up, from cold up to 932°F.

Lasts a lifetime 

Uuni 2S is made of beautiful brushed stainless steel. It weathers and ages as you use it, but it doesn’t rust and it just keeps on performing. It’ll make for a key feature in your outdoor kitchen or barbecue area.


Because of the ease and speed of use, Uuni 2S is fantastic for entertaining friends or family. Get the gang together to make their own pizzas and then wood-fire them to perfection in front of their eyes.

Uuni runs on wood pellets which are cheap and efficient. No need to split wood or play with an axe. Pellets are also a sustainable source of energy.

Technical specification:

  • weight: 24 lbs (28 lbs boxed)
  • size: 12x35x48 cm or 4.7x13.7x18.8 inches (HxWxL) without legs
  • max pizza size: 13"
  • power: approx. 6 kWh
  • fuel: wood pellets

What's in the box: 

  • Uuni 2S, wood-fired oven
  • Cordierite stone baking board
  • Pizza peel
  • Manual and safety instructions

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